Asbestos Testing Info


Asbestos is a dangerous air born substance that can cause a lot of harm to a person including putting them at an increased risk for cancer. Older buildings tend to have a lot of asbestos in the piping and on the floors. Now a person can get their home or business tested for asbestos and will be able to get the results as soon as the same day.

A sample will best tested of the material that is thought to be asbestos. Only a small sample is needed. The sample will then go to the laboratory and will be tested in state of the art equipment. There will be advanced testing methods used including the Polarised Light Microscopy as well as the Dispersion Staining test. Since the lab owns their own equipment the samples can be tested quickly and the results will be available right away. This will also help keep the cost down. If the sample is not asbestos than a person does not have to worry. If the sample that was tested is found to be asbestos than a person can make arrangements with a removal company to come in and remove the asbestos.

A person can rest knowing that the lab that is testing their sample is safe. The lab has been accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities so that a person knows the results are accurate and reliable. This company has been in business over 30 years testing for asbestos.

Asbestos can be a danger to a person’s health. When someone thinks that they may have asbestos in their home they can get a sample tested so they can decide if they will need to call an asbestos removal service.

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