Doing asbestos testing in your own home or office building is definitely something you can do with a home testing kit. In most cases, however, it is not recommended.


Instead, it makes more sense to hire a company for any asbestos testing you need doing. Especially if you want to be sure it is done correctly.


You are paying for experience -- Doing asbestos testing yourself is not recommended if you do not have experience. Instead, hire a company to do it.


A company usually has years of experience testing every type of building for asbestos. This means the company's employees know exactly where to look for it, and will not miss asbestos like you easily could.


Fast asbestos testing -- It could take you many hours to do your own asbestos testing. Especially if the building you will be testing is large, and you do not have experience doing it.


A typical company specializing in asbestos testing, however, can usually have it finished in just a couple of hours. Then all you need to do is to decide what you will do about it, if your building turns out to have asbestos in it.


Safe asbestos testing -- People with no experience in asbestos testing should not try to do it themselves. Not if they prefer to stay safe.


Remember, asbestos is a dangerous substance that disintegrates quickly if not handled correctly. Once a small piece breaks off and escapes into the air, it can then be breathed in. This can damage your lungs.


Hire a company, however, and they will safely test any substance in your home or office building. Thus helping you avoid any possible harm.

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