You Need To Hire A Good Company For Asbestos Testing To Do It Right


Think You Have Asbestos?

ASbestos at one time was once thought of, as a cure-all for construction woes. It was fire retardant, great insulation, and also great siding for houses. Many houses, businesses, and pipes had it in them. Fast forward to 1970, when it was finally acknowledged that asbestos was extremely dangerous, leading to cancer, Mesothelioma, and more lung-related diseases. No one was allowed to use it, and had to report it when selling homes that had it in them.

Many older, pre-1970 homes and businesses still have asbestos in them. What do you do? DO NOT try to get rid of it yourself, or even test it either. Professional companies come in, wearing protective suits, as well as face coverings to keep them from inhaling it, will come in and take samples.

They wear suits, as the dust particles, once it is disturbed float through the air, and enter your nose and mouth.

They will check areas for corroded materials, which is when it is most dangerous. Anyone in the area must wear protective suits. All air conditioners and ventilation is turned off. Anyone not doing the testing must leave the premises. Now they will lay down plastic sheeting to put the samples on.

Next the area being tested is wet down to keep the spread of particle down. They use a tool to cut out a sample, then place it in a sealed bag to be sent to a laboratory for testing. The area tested is then wrapped and sealed in plastic with tape.

Everything involved in the testing is then properly disposed of. Now, you wait for the lab results to take further actions. To know more about asbestos inspection sydney come visit our site.