Asbestos Removal




Asbestos has been banned for decades due to it being a dangerous carcinogen. However, despite this ban, many homes have not had the substance properly cleaned out of them as asbestos lives behind the walls of the home and is not easily identified. If you do identify asbestos in your home or suspect the presence of it and want to test for it, you should hire a professional to remove the asbestos from the home. There are several reasons why this should be done and here are the key reasons why a professional should be used.


More Thorough Cleaning


Asbestos can break down into individual fibers and it is at this point that it becomes particularly dangerous for inhalation. A professional can more thoroughly remove the substance from the home and prevent it from posing a future health risk than an individual can on their own. As such, using a professional asbestos remover can provide better long-term protection for your home than you can on your own due to their experience and their improved access to equipment.


Supporting Your Home Resale Value


If your home has asbestos in it many potential home buyers would be hesitant to purchase it. This is true even if you indicate that you have removed the asbestos yourself. Home purchasers will want to make sure the asbestos is properly removed by a professional and does not pose the potential health risks that the presence of asbestos can have. Further, a professional firm can provide you with a certification that the asbestos was properly removed which can be shown as support for its removal.


Exposing Yourself to Danger


One of the most dangerous times to be around asbestos is when it is airborne during renovations, including the removal of the asbestos. A professional has advanced equipment to protect them during the asbestos removal process, while you will not and will lead to exposure for yourself.


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