Why You Should have Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Removed From your Home


While asbestos is dangerous in a home in its own right, loose fill asbestos insulation is even more dangerous.

In fact, if you suspect you have loose fill asbestos insulation in your home or office, you should immediately have it tested for the material. If found, removal should be one of your first priorities. Yes, it is that dangerous.

Why is loose fill asbestos insulation in your home? -- In Australia, it was installed in the walls and attics of many homes in the 1960s and 1970s. It was not known at the time how dangerous it was, so many companies used it.

What is loose fill asbestos insulation? -- It is asbestos that has been smashed down into tiny particles. These particles were then poured into wall cavities, and into ceilings.

Why is loose fill asbestos insulation dangerous? -- The problem with this kind of asbestos insulation is that particles of the material escape into the air, and eventually into your home.

As they do, they move around your home and can easily be breathed into your lungs. This can cause lung problems, breathing problems and, in some cases, lung cancer.

How is this type of asbestos removed? -- As it is so difficult to get rid of, if it is found in your home, you will usually have one of two options.

The first is having your home or office tented, so that the loose fill asbestos insulation does not escape into the air while it is being removed. The second is complete demolition of the property.

While the second option may seem severe, it has been determined in many cases it is impossible to remove the asbestos safely. This is due to particles being so small they just escape into the air to be breathed in at a later time.